Chandler Bing from Friends is one of the best characters in sitcom history. He’s sarcastic, hilarious and says what everyone else is too afraid to say out loud. You may not realize it, but Chandler is actually very relatable. Just like us, he sometimes feels lost, gets anxious when meeting new people and would rather be sarcastic (or tell a joke) than be serious. We love Chandler and like to think of him as our spirit animal. Over the course of 10 seasons, we tuned in to be delighted by a Chandler one-liner that would resonate so hard. Here are 15 times he was super relatable.

When he doubts himself and his life

In “The One where Rachel Goes Back to Work,” Chandler tells Monica: “I’ve got nowhere to go this morning. I’m unemployed! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my life.” How many times have you said the latter line? It’s common to feel this way as a young adult, who is trying to figure out the real world. That’s the great thing about Friends—the characters live in a (semi-)realistic world with normal problems. Whether they are going through a breakup or just lost a job, we can relate to them. They make us feel less alone in our struggles, while giving us a few laughs. This is especially true in the case of Chandler, as is evident throughout the rest of this article.

When he looks awkward in photos

In “The One with the Engagement Picture,” Chandler and Monica try to get a professional photo taken for their wedding announcement. But, Chandler has a problem: he can’t smile properly. In fact, his smile is downright awkward. After several failed attempts at smiling, Chandler tries something else. Monica suggests he try looking sexy, instead. Unfortunately, his “sexy look” is even worse than his attempt at smiling.

How many times has this happened to you? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t take a good picture! Sometimes, it takes several dozen attempts before we get a decent one. What’s supposed to be a cute kissy face ends up looking like a bad duck face. How do celebrities and Instagram models make it look so easy? We want to know their secrets!

When he’s not a morning person

If you’re like us, you are not a morning person. You need several alarms and a large coffee to wake up. Before you’re truly awake (which is usually sometime around noon), it’s best if everyone avoids talking to you. Otherwise, you might lash out on them or say something dumb (because your brain is still half asleep). In fact, it’s best if people just avoid you altogether in the morning.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Chandler knows your struggle. In “The One with the Fake Party,” Phoebe knocks over a box of cereal in frustration and Chandler says, “Woa-oh. Cereal killer.” Monica then mocks him and he replies, “Hey, come on, I say more dumb things before 9 a.m. than most people say all day.” Same.

When he makes jokes in inappropriate situations

In “The One with the Proposal, Part One,” Chandler plans to propose to Monica at a restaurant. However, his plan is interrupted when Monica’s ex, Richard, shows up with a date. When Monica sees him, she makes a remark about him growing his mustache back. Then, Chandler turns to Richard’s date, saying, “And uh, you don’t have a mustache which is good.” Of course, this makes things a bit awkward and Chandler goes on to explain, “I’m Chandler, I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

Do you do this, too? Your friend could be going through a sad situation, yet you can’t help but crack a joke. Honestly, sometimes it’s just easier to do so than to give advice, empathize or act like a mature adult.

When he’s only good at being sarcastic

Sarcasm is the language of intelligent—and perhaps slightly bitter—people. We love sarcasm because it’s funny and clever. But, the king of sarcasm is Chandler Bing. No matter what the situation, you can count on Chandler to say something sarcastic. Sometimes, it’s inappropriate, but we know he doesn’t really mean any harm by it.

In “The One with the Tea Leaves,” Rachel is nervous because she and Joey had a bad date night, making things awkward between them. She asks Chandler what she should do, but he says: “I’m not good with advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” That would be our reaction, too. It’s just so much easier to make a sarcastic comment than to give advice, isn’t it?

When he acknowledges his loneliness

Nobody wants to be alone. You can act like you’re okay with it, but deep down, you’re not. Even if you don’t want to be in a romantic relationship, you probably want to have your best friends or family members with you throughout your life.

Sometimes, the fear of being alone becomes intense. This usually happens after we immerse ourselves in work or school so much that our social life disappears. We then come to the realization that we have no girlfriend or boyfriend and haven’t seen our friends in ages. We wonder if anyone will want to hang out with us or date us. We worry that we will literally die alone—like Mr. Heckles did in Friends. Chandler sees many similarities between himself and Mr. Heckles, which is why he fears dying alone, too.

When he wonders why he always runs into his ex, but never a celeb

In “The One Where Estelle Dies,” Chandler and Monica are looking for a house. They finally find one they are excited about, but Chandler’s annoying ex, Janice, comes walking down the stairs. She greets the couple with her infamous, “Oh… my… god” outburst. Then, she goes on to say that it’s such a small world. Chandler responds, “And yet, I never run into Beyoncé.”

Chandler knows what’s up. Doesn’t it seem like we run into everyone, EXCEPT the people we actually want to see? We’ll be walking down the street and we’ll see our ex, that mean girl from high school, the guy we rejected in third grade and our grade 11 teacher. Yet, we won’t see Beyoncé, Drake, Ryan Gosling or any other celebrity. Why is that?

When he has an “IDGAF” moment

In “The One with the Baby Shower,” Joey is practicing for an audition as a game show host. Ross and Chandler help him by practicing a mock version of the game, which is called Bamboozled. As usual, Chandler is unimpressed by the whole thing. So, when Joey asks him to choose between spinning the wheel and picking a card, he responds with the above line.

There’s no doubt you’ve been in a situation like this before. It may have been when your friend was telling you an incredibly long, boring story or when a stranger tried selling you something. Even if you aren’t as straight up as Chandler is, you at least had the exact thought cross your mind.


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