1. Plan your OOTDs on Sundays! Use a separate clothing rack to hang up all the pieces you’ll wear throughout the week.

2. Get a bust form to make planning your looks a little easier.

3. Or use Finery to create your very own Clueless closet, so you can get help planning outfits and searching through all your wardrobe from your computer.

4. Declutter and organize your closet. Having less of the things you don’t wear filling up it up will make searching through your favorite pieces a little more manageable on a hectic morning.

5. Store the clothing and shoes you aren’t wearing that season…no need to waste time searching through items that you can’t wear in that weather.

6. On tougher mornings, wear “easy” outfits, like a T-shirt and jeans, that require little or no accessories and less effort.

7. Nothing will slow down your morning more than having to pull out the ironing board. Iron, steam, and make any other needed alterations the night before.

8. Don’t forget to delint and defuzz all of the pieces you plan on wearing.


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